ABA Three Layer Blown Film Extrusion Line

  • LayFlat Width : 150 mm to 1500 mm
  • Output Capacity : 40 Kg/Hr to 150 Kg/Hr

Allows to produce three layer film by using maximum % of recycled & calcium filled materials in middle (B) layer and virgin material in outer skin (A) layers

Produce three layer films with higher resistance & better quality with significant reduced raw material cost

Deliver higher profitability with higher output with lower power consumption

Quick & maximize return on investment

  • Compact dimensions results in minimum space requirement
  • Output range starting from 40 Kgs/Hr to upto150 Kgs/hr
  • Grooved Feed type Nitrided Barrels
  • Nitrided Screw-Barrel made of special alloy steel for longer life
  • Helical gear box with inbuilt thrust bearing
  • Uniquely designed spiral type of Co-Ex- ABA die suitable for HM-HDPE or LD-LLDPE materials
  • Uniquely designed Air Cooling Ring for higher output
  • High velocity air ring blower with AC invertor drive
  • Bubble Calibrating Basket / Iris Ring
  • Universal gusseting arrangement
  • Embossing roller attachment
  • With or without vertical type oscillating haul-off unit for gauge randomization
  • Web aligner system
  • Single station / two station surface type rewinder
  • Centre & Side slitting arrangement
  • High density ceramic type band heaters
  • SSR based all heating zones
  • Single point synchronization of whole line with AC motors and AC invertor drives
  • LDPE-LLDPE Attachment
  • Lever type Filter Changer
  • Semi / Fully automatic Winder with PLC Controls
  • Corona Treater Unit
  • Air winding shaft
  • Auto Hopper Loader cum Dryer Unit
  • Film for Carry Bag, Shopping Bag, D Cut Bag, Grocery Bag etc.
  • Film for Garbage Bag / Trash Bag
  • Film for Liners
  • Film for general purpose loose packing
Model KML-A/35-40-G KML-A/40-47-G KML-A/47-55-G
Material To Be Processed HM, HDPE HM, HDPE LDPE, LLDPE
Screw Dia Extruder A – 35 mm Extruder A – 40 mm Extruder A – 47 mm
Extruder B – 40 mm Extruder B – 47 mm Extruder B – 55 mm
Barrel Feed Type Groove Feed Groove Feed Groove Feed
Layflat Film Width Range 250 to 600 mm 350 to 900 mm 800 to 1300 mm
Film Thickness Range 20 to 100 micron 20 to 100 micron 20 to 100 micron
Maximum Output 70 Kg/Hr 90 Kg/Hr 120 Kg/Hr
Die Co-Ex ABA Die Co-Ex ABA Die Co-Ex ABA Die
Winder Single Station Surface Winder Single Station Surface Winder Double Station Surface Winder
Machine Connected Load 52 KW (69 HP) 64 KW (85 HP) 98 KW (85 HP)
( L x W x H ) Apprx
10 x 10 x 15 Feet 12 x 12 x 18 Feet 25 x 12 x 18 Feet
Optional Attachment LDPE, LLDPE Attachment LDPE, LLDPE Attachment HM, HDPE Attachment
Rotating Haul Off Unit Rotating Haul Off Unit Rotating Haul Off Unit
Double Station Winder Double Station Winder

*All above specifications are just for an idea and subject to change arising out of continuous product change and improvement.