KONARK’s Another Milestone – 4-Extruder 5-Layer POD Blown Film Extrusion Line suitable for non-barrier five layer films

Continuing its philosophy of innovation, Konark just came up with its first and completely INDIGENOUSLY DEVELOPED 4-Extruder 5-Layer POD Blown Film Extrusion Line suitable for producing non barrier five layer films. The reason behind development of such non barrier five-layer POD film line is a strong market demand for such specialty films with reduced thickness, with good mechanical and optical properties and with good sealing property.

Konark’s 4-Extruder 5 Layer Film Extrusion Technology for polyolefin dedicated film (POD) production aimed towards better, stronger, thinner and price competitive films.

Eliminating the barriers – Entering the European markets

Stepping further after the successful supply & installation of Downline Extrusion Equipmens in Belgium, KONARK just spreads its wings with its first supply of Three Layer Blown Film Extrusion Line in European Market.

Konark has supplied a Three Layer Blown Film Extrusion Line & a Fully Automatic Blown Film Rewinder Unit to a reputed customer named M/s Jura Plast GMBH based in Germany.

Manufactured with the advance design and specifications to meet the European standards, the line is suitable to produce a Co-Extruded film with layflat width of 1250 mm with the output capacity of 150 Kgs/hr.

Successful Acceptance of KONARK’s solutions for the Down Line Extrusion Equipments by a biggest Scientific Research University in Belgium

Continuing with the excellence, KONARK has exported a complete solution for the Down Line Extrusion of different type of Tape Extrusion Equipments to a biggest scientific research university named UNIVERSITY OF GHENT in Belgium through M/s Beaulieu International Group in the year 2017.

Manufactured with an eye on the European standards and specifications, KONARK’s Down Line Extrusion Equipments reciprocated successful acceptance in terms of quality, standards and performance by the people of University of Ghent.

KONARK – A Remarkable name today in the Brush / Broom Industry

Since the inceptions, KONARK has always been a home for the Monofilament Extrusion Technology in India and claiming the number of successful installations for the PP / HDPE Monofilament Yarn Extrusion Lines worldwide.

With the recent past years, today, KONARK has become a remarkable name providing solutions for the Extrusion of PET & PP & PBT Filaments for the Brush, Broom & Bristle Applications.

KONARK has marked & supplied Extrusion Lines to produce Brush / Bristle Filaments for the PET/PP & PBT material for different household and Paint Brush applications with the capacity of 200 kgs/Hr to the customer based in India as well as in Egypt.

Within short span, Success of KONARK’s Brush Filament Extrusion Line is backed with the consecutive repeat Installation both by the Indian as well as Egyptian Customer making the industry feels a significant presence of KONARK in the Brush/Broom Industries.

High Speed HDPE Blown Film Extrusion Line with Online 2-Color Flexo Graphic Printing by KONARK

KONARK has manufactured and supplied a High Speed HDPE Monolayer Blown Film Extrusion Line with Online 2 Color Flexo Graphic Printing attachments to the customer named Ekam Sales Ltd. based in CANADA in the year 2016.

The line is configured to produce HDPE film up to 1100 mm lay flat width and output capacity of upto 100 Kgs/Hr with customized online 2 – Color Flexo Graphic Printing unit.

TQ PP Water Quench Film Extrusion Line with 1200 mm Lay Flat width From KONARK

Providing solutions for various applications of TQ PP Film Extrusion, KONARK is counting number of successful installations of its TQ PP Water Quench Film Extrusion Lines across the Globe.

Recently, KONARK has successfully supplied and installed a High Speed TQ PP Water Quench Film Extrusion Line suitable to produce 1200 mm width Film with the output capacity of up to 150 Kgs/hr to a renowned customer based in Kano, Nigeria in the year 2017.

Two Layer TQ PP Water Quench Blown Film Line Installation at RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD.

We at Konark have always been at customers’ trust for the ultimate solution provider for the extrusion of TQ PP Blown Films.

Moving ahead with its first installation of Single Layer TQ PP Water Quench Blown Film Line at Reliance Industries Ltd. ( Hazira, Surat ), KONARK has supplied a TWO LAYER TQ PP WATER QUENCH BLOWN FILM LINE to M/s Reliance Industries Ltd. at their PARC Center, Vadodara in the year 2016.

Uniquely designed, the line is equipped with Groove Feed Extruders, Continues Rotating Co-Ex Die and is suitable to produce the Two Layer TQ PP film of up to 500 mm lay flat width with the output capacity of up to 75 Kgs/Hr.

Installation of KONARK’s Two Layer TQ PP Water Quench Blown Film Line at Reliance Industries Ltd., is an another feather in the cap of KONARK embarking its unbeatable presence in the TQ PP Film Processing Industry today.

KONARK’S Lab Scale Extrusion Lines

Not only the Plastic Processing Industry, but also the various Institutes providing the services in the field of Educational Training, Industrial Research, Product Development etc. are remain the forte for the KONARK’s Extrusion Lines today.

CIPET (Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology) is one of the proud name among the wide clientele base of KONARK.

KONARK has supplied more than 35 LAB SCALE EXTRUSION LINES at various centers of CIPET across India by the year 2017. This includes a LAB SCALE EXTRUSION LINE for the HM/LDPE BLOWN FILM EXTRUSION, TQ PP WATER QUENCH FILM EXRUSION and the LDPE/LLDPE CAST FILM EXTRUSION.

A-B-A Type 3 Layer Blown Film Plant from KONARK…..

A further innovation from KONARK – THE FIRST EVER A-B-A TYPE MULTILAYER BLOWN FILM PLANT with upto 1000 mm film witdth options and upto 150 Kg/Hr out put capacity.

This A-B-A Type Multilayer Blown Film plant are basically a Blown Film Plant producing a THREE LAYER FILM but with the TWO EXTRUDER. It’s a result of a specially designed A-B-A Type Co-Ex Die which enables to produce a Three Layer Film with Two Extruder. Technically in Such A-B-A type film, the Outer and Inner layer will be of the same Polymer as being fed by the same extruder and a Middle Layer will be of a different Polymer which will be fed by a second extruder. This makes one enable to use maximum Recycled Polymers into the Middle Layer with the Virgin Skin layer at both outer layer which helps to reduce the costing of the film significantly while delivering the quality Three Layer Film at the same time.

Three Layer Cast Line with Liquid PIB Dossing System from KONARK…..

Stepping ahead with the latest technological development in the field of Cast Stretch Film production line, KONARK came up again with the Three Layer Cast Film Line during last PLASTINDIA’2012 at New Delhi. KONARK presented an Industry a high productive Multilayer (3-Layer) Cast Film Line with the unique features of Liquid PIB Dossing System and Inline Trim Grinding & Re-feeding System. The line is designed to deliver 1500 MM net film width with 250 Kg/Hr out put backed with a complete automated PLC line control.

India’s First Multilayer & Monolayer Blown film Plant for Biodegradable Films from KONARK

KONARK has set a hystorical milestone by launching India’s First Multilayer and Monolayer Blown Film Plant to manufacturer 100% Biodegradable & Compostable plastic.

KONARK has recently developed and installed two Multilayer Blown Film Plants and one Monolayer Blown Film Plant processing 100% biodegradable material and producing Bioplastics sheet or film for carry bags / duffle bags and other tailor made bags, mulch film for agriculture, films for garden use etc. This is an excellent innovation that gives an alternative to plastic for consumer and industrial products.