Raffia Tape Stretching Line

  • Output Capacity : 100 Kg/Hr to 400 Kg/Hr
  • Sturdy constructed lines suitable for PP/HDPE raffia tape extrusion
  • High productivity with less power consumption
  • Output range starting from 100 Kgs/Hr to upto 400 Kgs/hr
  • Material conveying vacuum type auto hopper loader cum dryer unit
  • Smooth Feed or Groove Feed type Nitrided Barrels
  • Simple or Barrier type Nitrided Screws
  • Helical gear box with inbuilt thrust bearing
  • Continuous type filter changer
  • Melt pump system for uniform melt flow
  • Uniquely designed coat hanger type ‘T’ die ensuring uniform flow distribution
  • Specially designed MOVAC type godet rollers
  • Orientation hot air oven of 4 mtr or 6 mtr
  • Uniquely designed orientation hot plate specially for HDPE tapes
  • High density ceramic type band heaters
  • SSR based all heating zones
  • Single point synchronization of whole line with AC motors and AC invertor drives
  • Melt Pump System
  • Invertor driven cheese winder
  • Fabrillation unit
  • Fertilizer Bag
  • Cement Bag
  • Rice Bag
  • Chemical Bag
  • Jumbo Bag
  • Leno Bag
  • Tarpaulin Fabric
  • Fabrillated Tapes For Yarns or Ropes
Model KRT/51-GKRT/75-S KRT/65-GKRT/75-G KRT/80-GKRT/90-G
Screw Dia 51 mm75 mm65 mm 75 mm80 mm90 mm
Barrel Feed Type Groove Feed Smooth Feed Groove Feed Groove Feed Groove Feed Groove Feed
Maximum Output 100 Kg/Hr For PP 100 Kg/Hr For PP 140 Kg/Hr For PP 200 Kg/Hr For PP 225 Kg/Hr For PP 350 Kg/Hr For PP
Die Coat Hanger T Die Coat Hanger T Die Coat Hanger T Die Coat Hanger T Die Coat Hanger T Die Coat Hanger T Die
Machine Connected Load 73 KW (97 HP) 75 KW (100 HP) 102 KW (136 HP) 175 KW (233 HP)  206 KW (275 HP)  246 KW (328 HP)
( L x W x H ) Apprx
50 x 10 x 12 Feet 60 x 10 x 12 Feet 60 x 10 x 12 Feet 65 x 12 x 14 Feet 65 x 12 x 14 Feet 70 x 12 x 14 Feet

*Customized Three Layer Raffia Tape Stretching Line are also available as per customer requirement.

*All above specifications are just for an idea and subject to change arising out of continuous product change and improvement.